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The Count of the Marshes

Bring "Count" Ungula's Mandible to Watcher Leesa'oh.
"Count" Ungula's Mandible


This bloody mandible comes from an unbelievably large creature. The nether ray that it belonged to has to be the largest ever seen in Zangarmarsh. Judging from the condition of the mandible, the count must've abandoned a diet of carrion in favor of living flesh.

Surely the Cenarion Expedition would be interested in such a specimen. Watcher Leesa'oh has a small camp to the west of Quagg Ridge.


<The watcher blinks several times in surprise.>

Where did you get that... thing?


Are you sure that's real? I mean, I knew there was large wildlife in the marsh, but there are giant creatures and then there are GIANT bugs.

Come to think of it, the sporelings did mention a story about a fearsome nether ray that used to terrorize them before the boglord incursion.

What if the stories are true? Oh, dear. I'd better take that for safekeeping. The expedition will want to know about this.


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