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Dancing for Marzipan

Do a dance emote at Innkeeper Pala, and in exchange you'll receive Thunder Bluff Marzipan!
Dance for Innkeeper Pala


Even though you're trick-or-treating for a sick child, you still need to perform a trick for the treat! We can't very well change the tradition, now can we...

I believe the cost of a piece of marzipan nowadays is to bust out and DANCE! That's right, let me see your moves! Dance for me, and I'll give you some tasty marzipan!


You will receive:
Thunder Bluff Marzipan


You know how to dance, don't you? Try by putting your right foot in... then your right foot out... your right foot in... shake it all about...


You're quite the dancing machine, <name>!

Here's your treat for being such a good sport. Happy Hallow's End, and give my best to your sick little friend! I hope they get better soon.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 0 Experience

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