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Carry Your Weight

Furl Scornbrow in the Razor Hill watchtower wants 8 Canvas Scraps.
Canvas Scraps (8)


Age has rendered me useless in battle. Now I make myself useful in other ways.

From this vantage point I watch for invaders. As our strength here grows, I find myself blowing the signal horn less and less.

To pass the time I fashion goods to help younger, more able warriors defend our homeland.

For you, I can fashion you a bag for your belongings. If such an item would be of use to you, bring me some canvas, a material common to the humans and centaurs.


You will receive:
Handmade Leather Bag


I fought proudly alongside the Warchief when these lands were pioneered. The scars of battle mark my skin.

The honor of the Horde has been upheld with the help of my axe and battlecry during the defeat of Archimonde, when the unholy alliance was made with the humans and elves, wrought from necessity.

But my position as watchman and provider has given me a new sense of worth.


Most excellent, <name>. Any good <class> will surely find a use for this bag on the battlefield.

I salute your vigor and willingness to die in the name of the Horde!


Upon completion of quests, get:

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