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Wild Leather Armor

Bring 10 Thick Leather to Jangdor Swiftstrider in Camp Mojache.
Thick Leather (10)


<name>, your skill as a leatherworker precedes you. I possess leatherworking lore you would be wise to acquire... Wild Leather armor! Wild Leather taps into the potent and chaotic properties of wildvines, found in areas of lush vegetation and on some of the creatures there. Armor made using it is second to none for a crafter of your skill, guaranteed.

I'll teach you, but you'll be working for me for a while. The first cost is simply ten pieces of thick leather. After this, we'll talk specifics.


We must be clear; you shall be apprenticed to me while you learn the art of Wild Leather armor. Because wildvines are both potent and chaotic, it yields a random but strong benefit to the already strong armor you will be making. This knowledge, however, was not easy for me to acquire.

The initial cost to begin this process is ten pieces of thick leather.

Once that is done, we'll get to the work you need to do in order to obtain the patterns.


Well <name>, I'm glad to have you on board as my apprentice. You've made a wise decision as a leatherworker; those who make use of leather armor will be clamoring to you once you learn how to master the art of Wild Leather.

Let's get to work - where do you want to start?


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 2800 Experience

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