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Tear of the Earthmother

Recover the Tear of the Earthmother from Warbringer O'mrogg and return it to David Wayne at Wayne's Refuge.
Tear of the Earthmother


The sword's enchantments must be contained within a powerful focus, such as a gem. I know of a gem that we can use for this purpose, for there are few that can play host to such powerful magics without shattering.

The gem we need is called the tear of the earthmother. It's a powerful artifact in the hands of the ogres who created it, and Warbringer O'mrogg, who currently holds the gem, has many powerful allies in Hellfire Citadel's Shattered Halls. Take care in retrieving the tear, <name>.


Were you able to wrest the gem from the grip of O'mrogg?


<David Wayne holds the gem up, to the light, admiring it.>

It's aboslutely flawless, and that's exactly what we'll need. A flawed gem would endanger the weapon's wielder, twisting the magic against them.


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 12650 Experience

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