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Captain Tyralius

Flesh Handler Viridius at the Protectorate Watch Post in Netherstorm has asked that you find and free Captain Tyralius.
Captain Tyralius Freed [Opening Tyralius's Prison]


Captain Tyralius took a platoon of soldiers south towards the Ethereum Staging Grounds 10 days ago. We haven't heard from him or his crew since.

Chances are good that they were ambushed and killed but I'm getting a curious reading from my instruments.

I think it's a distress signal but these things have been wrong before. If Tyralius is still alive, they're keeping him in one of their prisons. You'll have to locate the prison and open it with a key, probably found on the warden.


Did you find Tyralius?


Thank you, <name>. Tyralius suffered massive injuries but we think he's going to make it.

He mentioned fields of prisons, much like the one you rescued him from. Prisons full of creatures from all across the universe!

We'll be in touch should a need arise to crack those open. The Consortium has already expressed some interest in sending some teams out and is working on some technology to break through the Ethereum's locks.


Upon completion of quests, get:

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