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Undercutting the Competition

Nexus-Prince Haramad located outside of the Mana-Tombs wants you to kill Nexus-Prince Shaffar and bring Shaffar's Wrappings back to him.
Shaffar's Wrappings


That Shaffar is a shrewd one - I'll give him that... He's managed to keep the Consortium out while he safely pillages this crypt for all it's worth. I have no faith in these imbeciles actually breaking through Shaffar's defenses so I'll make you a deal, <race>.

Enter the Mana-Tombs and kill Nexus-Prince Shaffar. Bring me back his body wrap as proof of this deed and I'll reward you handsomely.


You can choose one of these awards:
Haramad's Leggings of the Third Coin Consortium Plated Legguards Haramad's Leg Wraps Haramad's Linked Chain Pantaloons


I don't like to share.


Another competitor goes under... You do good work for a flesh beast, <race>. If you are ever in Netherstorm, look me up. I make my home at the Stormspire.


Upon completion of quests, get:

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