Quick Facts

The Nesingwary Safari

"Shotgun" Jones wants you to speak with Hemet Nesingwary at the Nesingwary Safari on the outskirts of northeast Nagrand.


"Go out and find us some supplies," he said. I was nearly killed about 15 times before I found this place! These Broken might not be the most hospitable bunch but at least they're not trying to tear my skin from my bones.

Anyway, I'm not going back. My days of huntin' big game are over. If you end up heading northeast towards Zangarmarsh and run into the Nesingwary Safari, let them know that "Shotgun" quit.

Hey, maybe you can take my place! Good luck, stranger.


I suppose we'll have to find a replacement water boy. Say, you look like a powerful <class>. Interested in a job? Or did you come for the hunt?


Upon completion of quests, get:
  • 1100 Experience

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