Quick Facts
  • Level: 120
  • Disenchantable (300)

Chestguard of Malorne

Chestguard of Malorne
Binds when picked up
379 Armor
+28 Stamina
+29 Intellect
+25 Spirit
Meta Socket
Blue Socket
Blue Socket
Socket Bonus: +9 Healing and +3 Spell Damage
Durability 120 / 120
Classes: Druid
Requires Level 70
Equip: Increases healing done by up to 88 and damage done by up to 30 for all magical spells and effects.
Malorne Raiment (0/5)(2) Set: Your helpful spells have a chance to restore up to 120 mana.
(4) Set: Reduces the cooldown on your Nature's Swiftness ability by 24 sec.

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