Quick Facts
  • Group: Alliance
  • Side: Alliance


The naaru vessel that brought the draenei to Azeroth. Though stranded in the Azuremyst Isles, it acts as a home city for this noble race.

Exodar is the faction associated with the Exodar, the enchanted capital city of the draenei, built out of the largest husk of their crashed dimensional ship of the same name. It is located in the westernmost part of Azuremyst Isle. The Exodar faction leader is Prophet Velen, who is located near the battlemasters in the Vault of Lights.

The history of the Exodar is a short one, as the draenei only recently raised it around the husk of their crashed ship, which is still smoking from the impact. The Exodar was once a naaru satellite structure around the dimensional fortress Tempest Keep. The Exodar contains a large amount of technological wonders (due to its origins lying with the Tempest Keep) such as magically enchanted "wires" which transport holy energy throughout the ship to power the heating and lighting, as well as augmenting the draeneis' already considerable powers.


As with other major factions associated with the main races, Exodar reputation may be gained by doing repeatable cloth turn-in quests, killing the opposing faction in Alterac Valley (the blood elves), and doing the appropriately related quests. At honored, the player can purchase items from Exodar related vendors for 10% less, and at exalted, the player, if not a draenei, can purchase the various mounts sold by the Exodar. The cloth turn-in quests are available from Dugiru <Alliance Cloth Quartermaster>.

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